Saturday, March 23, 2013

Princesses to Chaperones

Me with some of my 2012 Daffodil Princess that were Daffodil Chaperones today at the South Hill May Days.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Becoming a Daffodil Chaperone

I thought being a Daffodil Princess was the most amazing experience of my life and then I got to be a Daffodil Chaperone to the Buckley Library with my mom and the new White River HS Daffodil Princess, Jess Gamble, and Bonney Lake HS Daffodil Princess, Taylor Friend and it was even more fun!  I am so lucky that my Daffodil Festival experience will not end!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Princess Taylor

Now I've told you all about our new White River princess, Princess Jessica, who I am extremely proud of and can't wait to she her fulfilling her princess duties and representing our school in the perfect way.

But, I haven't told you all about one of the newest princesses, Princess Taylor from Bonney Lake High School!

 I am so proud of the girl! I have known Taylor for a few years and she has be unofficially "adopted" into my family, so needless to say she is carrying on the family tradition. Earlier this year we were actively trying to convince Taylor to try for Daffodil Princess and she wasn't so sure about it, but she eventually agreed to and she won! I knew she could do it!
This is Taylor and my mom at one of my parades this year and now I am so excited that this year we get to go watch her and Jessica instead!

Good Luck to my two new Princesses!
I'm so proud of you both and I am here for both of you the whole way! 
Love you! - Megan