Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm Official Now!!!

It's been a couple days now but on Wednesday night I had my reception and became an officially official Daffodil Princess, instead of an unofficially official princess. It was a pretty simple and quick night. Even though I wasn't actually competing for the title they still had me come up and give my 1-minute speech on this year's theme "Don't Stop Believing" and I still had to answer an "impromptu" question (they actually gave me the question they were going to ask me about two weeks ago). After my speech and answer Ms. Susan McGuire the President of the Daffodilians (and a Buckley local) got up and gave her speech. I was so touched, Ms. McGuire got so emotional during her speech it just made me more glad to be apart of this experience. After her speech, she crowned me, we had some problems getting it to stay but oh well. Then we had a little reception and I had time to "sign my life away" as everyone seems to be calling it when we sign the Daffodil Princess papers and also lots of pictures, so many pictures, I've gotten used to being behind the camera being in front of it will take some getting used to again.
Big big Thank You to my Best Friend Kyle Durrant for being my escort! Couldn't have done it with out you :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

White River High School Princess Selection Reception

Here are pictures from the day of the White River High School Princess Selection Reception.

Getting my hair done by Roxy

The finished hair do

Practicing before the event

My cousin doing my make-up

Me with my friend and escort, Kyle Durrant

Kyle introduced his family and then me

Me giving my 1 minute speech on this year's theme - Don't Stop Believing

Hearing my impromptu question before having to give my response

Getting crowned by Daffodil President (and White River School Board member) Susan McGuire
she was so excited to finally have a WRHS Daffodil Princess that she cried as she crowned me : )

I'm officially the WRHS Daffodil Princess!

Me with Mrs. Schuster the WRHS Daffodil Coordinator - she's amazing!

The other princesses who attended my selection event - Princess Carly (Sumner HS)
and Princess Megan (Puyallup HS)

Me and my parents signing all the paper work
with the Daffodil Princess Coordinator

Monday, November 7, 2011

Reason For This Blog

I am creating this blog for the main purpose of recording and documenting all my events as White River High School's first Daffodil Princess. My first offical event won't be until Wednesday this week when I am going to be offically crowned the White River Daffodil Princess ( I'm the only canidate from White River so instead of a selection we are just having a reception, not a wedding reception.) I am so excited for my reception and that afterwards I can actually start being one of the Princesses. Well  thats all there is to say so far, be back soon to tell about my reception.