Saturday, March 31, 2012

Float Unveiling Party

The Daffodilians have been working tirelessly on our traveling float and today they unveiled it to us.  We were so excited!

Our reaction when they opened the garage door unveiling the traveling float to us for the first time.

This year's theme is on the front.

The float is so beautiful!

A wishing well on the float.

These spin on the float and are so pretty.

There are butterflies all over the float.

Princess Carly checking out the float.

We are all so excited to see every inch of the float.

Queen Sarah climbed up first to check out her spot.

This is me in the middle looking on.

Me trying out one of the princess spots, we were all dancing too as they had fun music playing!

How it will look with Queen Sarah and two princesses, I'm in the spot on the right.

Enjoying the party with Princess Savannah (behind me), Princess Carly and Princess Delaney.
I wanted to try out the driver's seat.

Ready to roll!

My mom and I on the float.

Me, Linda (one of the chaperones), Princess Delaney, Princess Savannah, Queen Sarah.

There was tons of food, here I am eating with Brooke (Princess Morgan's sister), Queen Sarah, Princess Morgan and Princess Queenie.

Funny faces shot!


Brad, the float driver, playing a clip of "Parade Float Driver" which was really funny!

Princess Savannah, Princess Angela, Queen Sarah, Princess McKenzie
Me, Princess Sienna, Princess Morgan

Mutt Show

The Daffodil Mutt Show was a really fun event.  Only children under the age of 14 are allowed to show their dogs.  We took turns judging different events like the most creative costume, the softest and more then finishing off with the Most Magnificent Mutt.

Princess Carly being the announcer for the Mutt Show.

Princess Carly's dog, Maggie, being shown by her little neighbor.

These kids won the Best Costume with their Go Dog Go theme.

Me with Princess Jordan, it was very cold.

Princess Angela, me and Princess Carly all judged together.

Here we are judging the Gooviest Dog event.

Finding more about this "groovy" dog and her owner that was dressed up in the theme too.

Announcing the winner, drum roll please!

Of course, our groovy dog and owner won!

Love this dog in its catipillar costume.

All the princesses judged the last event, the Most Magnificent Mutt (hint, Jake, the Golden Retriever, in the background was one of everyone's favorites).

Judging more dogs.

Huddling together to make our final decision.

Photo op with the winner -- Jake, the Golden Retriever!

We all pose with Princess Cinthia's little brothers and their dog.

One last picture before we leave.

Easter Egg Hunt

Princess Carly getting into the Easter Bunny costume

Princess Delaney, Princess Angela, Princess Carly as the Easter Bunny, me & Princess Savannah
Princess Angela, Princess Savannah, Princess Carly, me as the Easter Bunney, Princess Delaney R.,
Princess Delaney F. & Princess Katey

Friday, March 30, 2012

Tacoma Yacht Club Dinner

At the Tacoma Yacht Club for a dinner.  You can't see it very well,
 but we had a beautiful view of the water.

Me being introduced and escorted by Matt, one of the Yacht Club Members.

The annoucer is sharing my accomplishments and future goals.

My escort waiting as I am introduced to the Yacht Club Members.

Meeting the Tacoma Yacht Club Commadore and his wife.

Being escorted to my table, which by the way was the funnest table there I am sure!

Matt, my escort, and me at our table.  My mom and Gram also sat with us as well as Princess Morgan
who was escorted by Matt's father, her family and my escort's family.
My seat marker

Getting ready to do our performance.

Still waiting to start our performance, we had technical difficulties.  : )

Doing our performance.

Me with some girls that came to the dinner.

Me and all my princess sisterswith some of the girls that came to the dinner.

Me with Princess Savannah at the end of the night.